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May 11-14, 2014

2014 SWS-AAPG Abstract Booklet





What’s that you say? You’re looking for hot plays in a liquids-rich basin with high-TOC source beds, lots of data, good infrastructure, and people who know the oil business inside and out? Welcome to the Permian Basin!

Topics of interest include case histories and development of the Wolfberry, Avalon, Bone Spring, and Cline Shale reservoirs; regional geologic models and new plays in the Permian Basin; horizontal well design, drilling, completion, and fracturing techniques; characterizing and evaluating shales as source and reservoir rocks.

$5,000 in scholarships will be awarded for best student papers and poster presentations!

In addition to a full slate of oral and poster presentations, there is a field trip to the Glass Mountains, a DPA ethics presentation, a horizontal geosteering short course, “More Rocks in Your Head” workshop, and entertainment activities including Wine Tasting, a night at the ballpark, and a Dine and Dance for all to enjoy.

Paul H. Pause, General Chairman

Greg Hinterlong, Technical Co-Chairman

Jesse White, Technical Co-Chairman

Sam Samford, Exhibits Chairman

Conference Schedule

2014 SWS AAPG Convention
Midland, Texas

Old Basins, New Ideas: Exploiting the Resource, Reaping the Reward

All technical sessions at the Midland Center, 105 N. Main St., Midland, TX


Thursday, May 8 - Sunday, May 11, 2014

Field Trip:  Early Permian Stratigraphy and Slope System in the Southern Delaware Basin, Glass Mountains

Leader:  Dr. Xavier Janson,  Bureau of Economic Geology, The Jackson School of Geosciences, The University of Texas at Austin


Sunday, May 11, 2014

7:15 A.M. – 5 P.M.
Registration, Lobby of Midland Center

8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
Southwest Section Short Course: “The Three Ps of Geosteering:  Principles, Practice, and Pitfalls”
Midland Center

5 P.M.– 7 P.M.
Welcoming Icebreaker (courtesy of Canamera Coring)
Exhibits Hall, Midland Center

7:00 P.M. – until
Young Professional Geoscientists SWS AAPG Happy Hour
Sedona Grill, 2101 W Wadley Ave, Midland, TX


Monday, May 12, 2014

7:00 A.M. – 8:00 A. M
Speakers, Judges, Moderators Breakfast
DoubleTree Hotel

7:15 A.M. – 5 P.M.
Registration, Lobby of Midland Center

8:00 A.M. -  9:00 A.M.       
Opening Session and Awards Ceremony

9:00 A.M.
Diffraction Imaging Applied to Pre-existing 3D Seismic Data to Map Fracture Corridors in an Unconventional Play
Marianne Rauch-Davies, Geomage 2003 Ltd., Modiin, Isreal

9:30 A.M.
Precambrian Basement Structure of the Diablo Platform and Its Influence through the Phanerozoic
Stephen Grimes, Empirica, Houston, TX

10:00  - 10:30 A.M.
Break  (coffee bars courtesy of Schlumberger and Riley Geological Consultants)

10:30 A.M.
The Marble Falls Tight Oil Play: A New Idea in an Old Basin
Craig Adams, Newark E&P Operating, Ft. Worth, TX

11:00 A.M.
The New and Improved Marble Falls: A Fracture-driven Resource Play
Ulysses Hargrove, Newark E&P Operating, Ft. Worth, TX

11:30 A.M.
Petrophysical Modeling of the Marble Falls Formation in the Fort Worth Basin: A Case Study of Bringing Legacy Wireline Log Data into the Modern Era
Mike Mullen, Stimulation Petrophysics Consulting, Denver, CO

10:30 A.M. – 1:30 P.M.
Suzie's South Forty Candy Factory Tour &  Lunch at Café at the Gardens

12:00 – 1:30 P.M.
All Convention Luncheon
“From the Middle Concho to the Horsehead Crossing:   the Old West’s Skeleton Plan”
Patrick Dearen
Petroleum Club of Midland

1:30 P.M.
Discovery of a Probable Meteorite Impact Site of Late Cambrian - Lower Ordovician Age in the Permian Basin, Crockett County, Texas, and Its Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration
Steven J. Maione, Trek Oil and Gas Inc., Houston, TX

2:00 P.M.
Differential Compaction at Pre-existing Shelf Margins as a Control on Stratigraphic Traps in Permian Mid- to Outer Shelf Successions
Charles Kerans, The Bureau of Economic Geology, Austin, TX

2:30 P.M.
West Texas and Eastern New Mexico Precambrian Basement Revealed
Dr. Melanie Barnes, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX

3:00 – 3:30 P.M.
Break (coffee bars courtesy of Riley Geological Consultants and Schlumberger)

3:30 P.M
Lessons Learned from the KCC #503h, Woodford Horizontal Well at Keystone South Field, Winkler County, TX
Andrew Parker, Whiting Petroleum Corporation, Midland, TX

4:00 P.M.
Late Pennsylvanian and Early Permian Sedimentation on the Central Basin Platform and Implications to the Wolfberry Deposition in the Western Midland Basin
Arthur Saller, Cobalt International Energy, Houston, TX

4:30 P.M
New Depositional Model (Lake-Shelf Hyperpycnites) for Enigmatic Brushy, Cherry and Bell Canyon Formations, Permian, Delaware Basin, USA: Importance for Local and Global Petroleum Exploration and Development
Roger Higgs, Geoclastica Ltd, Bude Turbidite Research Centre, Cornwall, UK

4:00 – 6:00 P.M.
Icebreaker courtesy of Quality Logging
Midland Center

6:00 P.M. – until …
Night at the Ballpark
Security Bank Ball Park


Monday Poster Sessions

A.M. Posters

Detailed Mapping in the NE Glass Mountains Reveals Angular Unconformities Which Constrain Timing of Deformation
Paul Gully, Angelo State University, Department of Physics and Geosciences, San Angelo, TX

Petrography, Stratigraphic Framework and Depositional Environment of the Wolfcampian Carbonate Deposits on the Northwest Shelf and Midland Basin
Toyly Abdullyev, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas

P.M. Posters:

Angelo State University Field Camp Emphasizes Geologic Mapping and Problem Solving
Joseph I. Satterfield, Angelo State University, Department of Physics and Geosciences, San Angelo, TX

Facies Belts, Microfacies, and Karst Overprint of the Ellenburger Group, Kerr Basin, Texas:  Observations Based on Cores
Richard C. Geesaman, Indian Peaks Exploration, Boulder, CO


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

7:00 A.M. – 8:00 A. M
Speakers, Judges, Moderators Breakfast
DoubleTree Hotel

7:00 A.M. – 8:00 A. M
DPA Member’s Appreciation Breakfast
DoubleTree Hotel

7:15 A.M.– 5 P.M.
Registration, Lobby of Midland Center

8:00 A.M.
OOIP Utilizing GEOCHEM [ECS] Data, Triple Combo Data Only, and  Pyrolysis S1 Data,  Permian Wolfcamp “A” and “B” Shales
George B. Asquith, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX

8:30 A.M.
Reconstruction of Paleoenvironments Through Integrative Sedimentology and Ichnology of the Pennsylvanian Strawn Formation in the Katz Field, North-Central Texas
Jesse White, Kinder Morgan CO2 Company, L.P., Houston, TX

9:00 A.M.
Chemostratigraphic Applications of Handheld X-ray Fluorescence to Several Shale Plays: Methods, Pitfalls, Limitations, Aspirations, and Good Examples
Harry Rowe, The Bureau of Economic Geology, Austin, TX

9:30 A.M.
SE Delaware Basin Slope: Debrites, Turbidites, Organics, Oh My!
Robert Nail, Whiting Petroleum Corporation, Midland, TX

10:00 – 10:30 A.M.
Break (coffee bars courtesy of Riley Geological Consultants and Schlumberger)

10:30 A.M.
Goldsmith Landreth San Andres Unit (GLSAU) #203RW (Injector Offset Well Core): Proof of Mobilized Oil from the Residual Oil Zone
Robert Trentham, University of Texas of the Permian Basin, Odessa, TX

11:00 A.M.
The Economics of Wettability Alteration for Renewed Production from Old Fields in the Permian Basin:  Evaluations of Spraberry, Avalon, and Bone Spring Reservoirs
Geoffrey Thyne, ESAL LLC, Laramie, WY

11:30 AM
Method for Evaluating Hydrocarbon Containing-Subterranean Formations Penetrated by a Directional Well Bore in Order to Measure Total Gas and Chromatography Data from Drill Cuttings
Bill Chandler, Lateral Exploration Labs, Huntsville, TX

11:30 A.M. – 1:30 P.M.
Guest Event - CANCELLED
Food & Wine Pairing at Bill's Bistro 

12 noon – 1:30 P.M.
DPA/Ethics luncheon
“Climate Change:  Facts and Fictions”
Dr. Rusty Riese
DoubleTree Hotel ballroom

1:30 P.M. –  2:30 P.M. (Double Session)
Concepts of Scale:  Horizontal Development of Wolfcamp Shale Oil of the Southern Midland Basin
David Dally, Lone Star Production, Houston, TX

2:30 P.M.
Entering and Competing in the Digital World: A Guide to the Maze that is Digital Data
Daphne Lampman, Clayton Williams Energy, Inc., Midland, TX

3:00 – 3:30 P.M.
Break  (coffee bars courtesy of Schlumberger and Riley Geological Consultants)

3:30 P.M.             
The Merits of Unmanned Gas Logging
Jay Leeper, Remote Gas Analysis & Logging Services, Midland, TX

4:00 P.M.
Hydrocarbon Composition: The Other Dimension of Geochemical Exploration
Gary Rice, GeoFrontiers, Dallas, TX

6:00 P.M. – 10:30 P.M
Oasis Under the Stars
Live Entertainment, Great Food, Good Friends
Shack in the Back, between Midland and Odessa at 11610 W. Hwy 80 East.


Tuesday Poster Sessions

A.M. Posters:

High-Resolution Core Studies of Wolfcamp/Leonard Basinal Facies, Southern Midland Basin, Texas
Robert Baumgardner, The Bureau of Economic Geology, Austin, TX

Regional Stratigraphic and Core-Based Characterization of the Upper Pennsylvanian Cline Shale, Midland Basin and Eastern Shelf, Texas
Reed Roush, The Bureau of Economic Geology, Austin, TX

P.M. Posters:

Petrophysical Analysis of a Horizontal San Andres Reservoir, Shafter Lake (San Andres) Field, Andrews County, Texas
John Speight, Trey Resources, Inc., Midland, TX

Linking Sequence Stratigraphy and Rock Mechanics in the Pennsylvanian and Wolfcampian Tight Oil Play on the Western Edge of the Midland Basin: A Tool for Guiding Well Completions
Gregory Hinterlong, Chevron U.S.A. Inc., Midland, TX


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

7:15 A.M.– 9:00 A.M.
Registration, Lobby of Midland Center

8:00 A.M.
Changing Economics of Unconventional Resource Plays
Charlie Smith, Halliburton, Houston, TX

8:30 A.M.
New Approach to Temperature Modelling Using Bottom Hole Temperature Datasets in the Permian Basin
Duncan Bate, TGS Geological Products and Services, Houston, TX

9:00 A.M.
Utilizing Petrophysical Attributes to Optimize Performance of a Horizontal Drilling Program
Tim McGinley, Laredo Petroleum, Inc., Dallas, TX

9:30 A.M.
Log Resistivity Measuring Devices Compared to S-waves from a Vertical-Force Source
John M. Robinson, RARE Technology Geophysical Research and Development, Houston, TX

10:00 A.M. – 10:30 A.M.
Break  (coffee bars courtesy of Riley Geological Consultants and Schlumberger)

10:30 A.M.
Closing Remarks



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