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The purpose of the Southwest Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (SWS AAPG) is to advance the science and profession of geology; especially as it relates to the exploration for and development of petroleum, natural gas, and other energy minerals in the southwestern region of the United States.

The Southwest Section operates on a non-profit basis, and is comprised of eight local geological societies within Texas and New Mexico. Local societies include Abilene Geological Society (AGS), Dallas Geological Society (DGS), El Paso Geological Society (EPGS), Fort Worth Geological Society (FWGS), North Texas Geological Society (NTGS), Roswell Geological Society (RGS), San Angelo Geological Society (SAGS), and West Texas Geological Society (WTGS).

The SWS AAPG has an annual meeting (convention) for the presentation and discussion of technical papers concerning the economic geology of the southwestern region of the United States. In addition, we provide cooperative arrangements among AAPG members and our AAPG affiliated geological societies with the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG).

Each year, the SWS AAPG Board evaluates and sets Goals for the Society, of which the following are currently in the forefront. 

  1. Students - Stay in communication with the faculty and existing Student Chapters at universities in our Section.  Continue to seek scholarship and grant applications.  Seek student presenters for the annual conventions via aid from grants and awards offered.  Continue to encourage student and faculty participation in SWS activities. All of our stated purposes can be fulfilled by aiding and encouraging students.
  2. Young Professionals - Seeking YP's to serve on Committees and the Board will provide future leadership for the Section. We need to encourage and provide support for the YP groups while involving them in Section activities.
  3. Membership - Continue to seek ways to encourage geologists in the southwest region to participate in our affiliated societies, the Section, and AAPG.
  4. Communication – Provide relevant and timely information via the SWS website,
  5. Conventions – The annual convention is the Society’s main source of income that allows us to provide Grants, Scholarships, and our annual Bill Hailey Memorial Short Course free of charge for our members. Careful planning, communication, and cooperation between our societies and AAPG are necessary. Annual convention rotation and scheduling 7-10 years in advance is an important SWS AAPG goal.
  6. Budget - It is important to plan for the Section's financial future.  Previous Boards have left the Section in a healthy financial position.  It is important each Board fulfills the purposes and goals of the Section while maintaining its financial well-being.