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Welcome to the Southwest Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (SWSAAPG) web site.  There are several "Member Only" functions available to our membership as defined by Article III of our By-Laws.
Members shall be of two classes, Members and Associate Members.  Members shall include all Active AAPG Members or persons eligible for active membership in the AAPG.  All Members must reside within the geographical boundaries of the Southwest Section.  Associate Members shall be individuals who are members of a Member Society, but who are not eligible for active AAPG membership.   
For purposes regarding use of this web site, our members are recognized by the member society they choose to be affiliated with. If you do not have a "member ID" for this web site, please take the time to submit your SWSAAPG membership information.  You must include the society you are a member of, which will be approved by that society. After which, you will have full access to all membership functions on this site.

SWSAAPG Membership Functions/Capabilities

All SWSAAPG Member Societies have the ability to advertise events relative to their society.
All SWSAAPG Member Societies have the ability to email their members regarding business and/or events.
Only SWSAAPG members can submit an application to advertise their business on the SWSAAPG web site.  After approval of submittal, all visitors of the SWSAAPG web site can view member bussinesses.
Only SWSAAPG members have the capability of searching our membership in an effort to contact another member.  Each member has the ability to block their contact information from being shared with any other member, which can be acitivated through their "Profile".
Every SWSAAPG Member is requested to keep their profile up to date. A member's profile can only be viewed by that person (and SWSAAPG site administrator).