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The Distinguished Educator Award is given in recognition of distinguished and outstanding contributions to geological education with respect to petroleum geology in the Southwest Section area. Contributions leading to consideration for this award will most often involve the teaching and counseling of students at the university level, but contributions to the education of the public, and management of educational programs may also be recognized

A. Restrictions: Candidate or candidates must be living at the time of selection but do not need to be an AAPG member or reside in the Southwest Section.

B. Guidelines for Consideration: Consideration should emphasize contributions to the teaching of students, guidance of student research, research and scientific publications, university and community activities, and involvement in the activities of scientific and/or professional organizations within the boundaries of the Southwest Section.

C. Procedure for Recommendation: Nominations for this award should be submitted, along with documentation, to the Chairman of the Committee on Awards. The Committee’s recommendations will be submitted to the Board of Directors for final approval. It is recommended that only one award is presented annually but more than one award can be given with Board of Director approval. In lieu of a deserving candidate, the Board of Directors may choose not to present an award for a given year.

D. Description of Award: The recipient shall be presented an appropriate award in the form of a certificate, or other device, recommended by the Awards Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

Past Recipients

2017 - Midland
Dr. Steven Atchley - Baylor
Dr. Rebecca Dodge - MWSU
Dr. Joe Statterfield - ASU
2014 – Midland
Dr. John Wickham – UT Arlington
2013 – Fredericksburg
Dr. Robert Trentham – UTPB
2012 – Fort Worth
Dr. Pamela B. Stephens – Midwestern State University
2011 – Ruidoso
Dr. Emily Stoudt – UTPB
2010 – Dallas
No Recipient
2009 – Midland
Dr. Earl Harrison – Hardin Simmons
2008 – Abilene
No Recipient
2007 – Wichita Falls
No Recipient
2006 – Midland
Dr. Harold R. Beaver – Baylor University
2005 – Fredericksburg
Dr. Janok P. Bhattacharya – UT Dallas
2004 – El Paso
Dr. James L. Carter – UT Dallas
2003 – Fort Worth
Dr. Bruce S. Hart – New Mexico (Canada)
2002 – Roswell
Dr. Salvatore J. Mazzullo – Wichita, KS
2001 – Dallas
Dr. Charles F. Dodge, III – UT Dallas, UT Arlington
2000 – Midland
O.T. Hayward – Baylor, Waco
1999 – Abilene
George Asquith – Texas Tech
1998 – Wichita Falls
Randy Keller – UTEP