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In conjunction with the 2016 AAPG SWS Convention, the Abilene Geological Society hosted a “More Rocks In Your Head” workshop for Region 14 3rd - 8th grade teachers.

Teachers Who Attended Received:

  • More! Rocks in Your Head manual
  • Rock Samples (labeled and bagged) of igneous, sedimentary,
  • and metamorphic rocks
  • A Rock is Born laminated poster showing how each of the
  • rock samples form
  • Minerals and Test Kit labeled minerals and mineral test kit
  • TEKS Correlation Charts (new TEKS)
  • Hunt for Fossil Fuels oil exploration game on CD
  • A Tapestry of Time and Terrain USGS map of the USA
  • Oil and Natural Gas book
  • Energize Your Future career book

The SWSAAPG and National AAPG provided a grant of $3000 each to assist in the cost of the program, and the Abilene Geological Society provided the cost of the meal for area teachers. The course was taught by Janie Schuelke, Geoscience Education Consultant.