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2015 SWS AAPG All Convention Luncheon

2015 SWS AAPG All Convention Luncheon
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"Energy Makes America Great - The Politics of Energy and their Economic Impact"

by Marita Noon

As the Executive Director of the companion organizations, Citizens’ Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE) and Energy Makes America Great (EMAG), Marita’s overall aim is to keep a positive energy message in the public dialogue. In the past eight years, she’s become a go-to resource for insight and commentary on energy issues. Because her presentations are news-based and tailored to each audience, she never gives the same speech twice. You can expect news-based talking points that you can use with family, friends, and neighbors who are not in the industry and who do not understand the role that energy plays in our lives. You’ll be inspired and educated through Marita’s unique blend of news, research, and anecdotes.