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Southwest Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Sponsored by: West Texas Geological Society

Southwest Section - AAPG 2017 Convention

April 28 - May 2, 2017 at Horseshoe Arena in Midland, Texas

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Early Bird Discount Ends 04/14/2017 @ 5 PM Central

Pre-Registration Ends 04/26/2017 @ 5PM Central

On-Site Registration Begins 04/29/2017 @ 8AM Central

(Note: please do not email forms with credit card information filled in, due to security risks. Instead, call the host society office with card data or fax/mail the completed form to the number/address shown.)

Call for Papers


Convention Highlights

 Scott W. Tinker Keynote speaker  Director, 
 Bureau of Economic Geology
 Nic Brissette The Gunn Graben: Geology, engineering, and the missing key, Geomechanics  2017 AAPG Distnguished
 Delta Oil & Gas,
 Charles Sternbach "Great American" Carbonate Bank: Producing Field Examples, Lessons for Other Carbonate banks, Reservoirs Full of Surprises  Conventon Luncheon
 President Elect—AAPG
 W.C. Rusty Riese Geologists, the Public, and Public Policy: “What are our Ethical Responsibilites?"  DPA Luncheon Speaker,
 Rice University
 Mike Grace Field Trip
Brazos River Fluvial Seminar near Glen Rose, Texas April 28 & 29, 2017, leaving from Midland
 Independent Consultant
 Stephen Hasiotis Short Course - Principles of Ichnology: Applicaton to Interpreting Outcrop & Core April 30, 2017, Horseshoe Arena, Midland  Professor of Geology
 University of Kansas